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“RWT Horizons is an important element of our enterprise-wide technology strategy, that we believe will drive innovations across both our residential and business-purpose lending platforms and create new efficiencies across the mortgage value chain.”

– Chris Abate, CEO


RWT Horizons is a venture investment strategy focused on early and mid-stage companies driving innovation in financial and real estate technology, and digital infrastructure. Investments made through RWT Horizons are designed to support companies whose technologies are accretive to our businesses, including our residential and business purpose lending platforms. New partnerships forged through RWT Horizons will enhance our technology roadmap and drive innovation that focuses on how we can make the lending process less redundant, more seamless and more transparent to our originators, borrowers and investors.This aligns with our overall corporate mission: to make quality housing — whether rented or owned — accessible to all American households.



Liquid Mortgage is a patent-pending startup that provides life-of-loan infrastructure to digitize, track documentation, facilitate payments, and record additional information on a blockchain. The overall value proposition to loan holders may include lower frictional and transaction costs, increased transparency, and execution certainty, with the option to create unique risk profiles through loan fractionalization. View this white paper to see the long-term vision for the mortgage ecosystem.


Rentroom is a New York-based software-as-a-service company that offers an easy to use, turnkey property management platform designed for small and mid-sized landlords and their tenants. It is designed to reduce the administrative burden of property businesses. It offers a full accounting suite, reports and integrations such as Quickbooks. Other features include online rent payments, maintenance management, communication center, marketing and leasing. Click here to view Rentroom.


Rent Butter is a Chicago-based firm developing a proprietary tenant screening tool that allows landlords to efficiently evaluate prospective tenants and meaningfully reduce defaults and evictions. It combines bank transaction history and credit behavior analytics into a simple, predictive tenant performance report and offers a one-stop shop for criminal and eviction background, credit score, income/expense ratios, NSF and overdraft count, pay stub fraud protection, and income and employment verification.


Corporate Headquarters:
One Belvedere Place, Suite 300
Mill Valley, CA 94941

RWT Horizons Headquarters:
4 Park Plaza, Suite 900
Irvine, CA 92614

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