What Are the Best Neighborhoods in South Carolina for Rental Properties?

The top rental markets in South Carolina are Myrtle Beach, Greenville, Charleston, and Columbia. These cities have shown significant potential for property investors due to their thriving tourism, manufacturing, and services sectors. Additionally, South Carolina is home to several large universities, and there’s a heavy reliance on renting, making it an attractive state for property investors.

What Are the Average Rental Prices in the Best Neighborhoods for Investment Properties in South Carolina?

For two-bedroom listings, the national average rent is $1,207. In South Carolina:
– Columbia has the lowest average rent for a two-bedroom property at $946.
– Charleston has the highest rent for a two-bedroom property at $1,601.

Which Neighborhoods in South Carolina Have the Highest Rental Prices?

Charleston stands out with the highest rental price for a two-bedroom property at $1,601, making it the most expensive city for renters in South Carolina.

What Factors Contribute to the High Rental Prices in Some South Carolina Neighborhoods?

Several factors contribute to the high rental prices in South Carolina neighborhoods:
1. **Tourism**: Cities like Myrtle Beach and Charleston are major tourist destinations, driving up demand for rental properties.
2. **Universities**: The presence of big universities increases the demand for rental properties, especially in cities like Columbia.
3. **Economic Growth**: Thriving sectors like manufacturing and services contribute to economic growth, leading to higher rental prices.

How Have Rental Prices in South Carolina Changed Over the Past Decade?

While specific data over the past decade is not provided, there have been notable changes in security deposits between 2018 and 2019. For instance, Charleston saw an increase of 42% in security deposits, reaching $1,775. Conversely, Myrtle Beach experienced a decrease of 24.56%, with the current average around $1,075.

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What Is the Highest and Lowest Rental Price for a Single-Family Home in South Carolina?

The data provided focuses on two-bedroom listings. Charleston has the highest rental price at $1,601, while Columbia offers the lowest at $946. For single-family homes, prices might vary, but these figures give an indication of the rental market’s range in South Carolina.


South Carolina offers a dynamic rental market with cities like Charleston, Myrtle Beach, and Columbia leading the way. Factors such as tourism, universities, and economic sectors play a significant role in driving rental prices. For investors, understanding these trends and the specific characteristics of each city can lead to informed and profitable decisions. Whether you’re looking to invest in the bustling city of Charleston or the university-centric Columbia, South Carolina presents ample opportunities for rental property investments.

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