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Rental Loans

Our rental portfolio loans and single asset rental loans provide liquidity and long-term peace of mind to owners of stabilized rental properties.

Rental Portfolio Loan
  • 5+ Rental Properties
  • Up to 75% of Value
  • 5 or 10-Year Terms
  • $500K to $100M
Single Asset Rental Loan
  • Individual Rental Properties
  • Up to 75% of Value
  • 30-Year Term
  • $67.5K to $1.4M
rental loans by CoreVest Finance can help real estate investors with their next flip

Power of Renovation in Rental Appeal

These investors had their work cut out for them in order to turn this property around. However, their experience in renovating poorly-maintained and heavily-damaged homes helped them quickly achieve rental appeal. They expertly focused on transforming the essentials: kitchen, bath, flooring, walls and paint.

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Ready to Finance Your Investment Properties?

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Together We Grow

CoreVest continues to grow with our borrowers and remain active participants in the industry

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