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Borrower Testimonials

Real Talk with Real Estate Investors

Finding Ways to Get it Done

Sean Robbins, Managing Director at Equity West Capital Partners, shares his unique experience working with CoreVest and how the company was able to quickly assess his portfolio and fund the deal when most banks could not. “It was a great experience overall, a profitable portfolio, and a great performing loan for CoreVest,” Sean mentioned.

The Secret to My Wealth

Cuthberto Ramos, Principal at Capitalist Masters Group, describes his investment strategy and the different loan types he has with CoreVest to complete his cycle. With a finance background, Cuthberto states that CoreVest is his main banking relationship.
“I’m able to get my capital back and then I go do it again. It’s probably the secret to my wealth.”

Real Estate Investor Feedback

“CoreVest and their team have been a large part of our success in the Atlanta market. We highly recommend any investor looking to expand their holdings consider term loans and long term financing opportunities with CoreVest. Their rates, service and support are second to none. They are a valued member of our team.”

Bruce and Chris

“CoreVest has been great from start to finish. Ali and Jen are always accessible, responsive and make things happen. What I love about CoreVest is that they understand the real estate market, which means I never have any problems with my transactions; they go out of their way to make my life easier. They not only offer great rates but superior customer care, above anywhere else I have experienced.”


“CoreVest was very helpful in financing our portfolio of single-family homes. Their rates were competitive and their service was extremely professional. I would highly recommend them to anyone looking to finance their own portfolio.”


“Dennis and his team were incredible to work with. I’m so glad I found a company that offers this type of financing for investors. I’m looking forward to my next portfolio loan with CoreVest.”


“My experiences with CoreVest have been exceptional! The professionalism displayed throughout the entire process is worthy of aspiration. They know how to “handhold” but more importantly, they understand how to help their clients grow.”


“We have now closed 5 loans with CoreVest and have enjoyed our experience working with their team. CoreVest has helped us meet our financing needs, and have done so expeditiously. We value the relationship we have built with CoreVest, and view them as a strategic business partner as we are helping each other accomplish our mutual goals.“


Together We Grow

CoreVest continues to grow with our borrowers and remain active participants in the industry

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