Product Overview

Loans Custom Built for Residential Real Estate Investors

Whether you’re looking to buy and hold, fix and flip, or build to rent, CoreVest has the capital for your investment needs. Our rental loans provide liquidity and long-term peace of mind to owners of stabilized rental properties while our bridge loans and pre-approved credit lines provide funds to investors with shorter investment horizons.

Rental Portfolio Loan

Rental Loans

  • Individual or portfolio of 5+ rental units

  • SFR, condo, townhome, multifamily

  • 3, 5, 7, 10 or 30 year terms

  • Up to 75% of value (70% on 3 year)

  • $75k – $50M+
Bridge Loans

Bridge Loans

  • Single asset or revolving credit line

  • SFR, condo, townhome, multifamily

  • 6 to 24 month terms, plus extensions

  • Up to 85% of cost

  • $75k – $50M+
build to rent

Build For Rent Loan

  • SFR construction + term loan takout

  • 24 month terms, plus extensions

  • Up to 75% of cost
    on construction loan

  • Up to 65% of value
    on term loan takeout

  • $3M – $50M+
multfamily loans

Multifamily Loans

  • Bridge or term financing options

  • Multifamily, condos, limited mixed use

  • 18 to 24 months,
    up to 75% LTC on bridge

  • 3, 5, 7, or 10 years,
    up to 75% LTV on term

  • $1M – $50M+

Renovation Showcase


Duplex into Large Single-Family Home

Repairing worn out property is already a labor-intensive undertaking. This investor had an even more ambitious goal of converting two small units into a stunning 5-bedroom single-family home. It was no easy feat as it required a complete systems replacement, floor plan redesign and new support structures.

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Renovations with a Modern Touch

For the contemporary buyer or renter who prefers a modern feel, these investors have mastered the art of taking outdated property and making them current. After renovations, this home shows no sign of being an almost 40-year old house which was once named after the childhood horse of the owners.

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Together We Grow

CoreVest continues to grow with our borrowers and remain active participants in the industry

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