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From Distressed to Delight: Impressive Property Transformation in Arizona

Located in the third largest city in Arizona – Mesa, our property highlight showcases the impressive transformation of a 4-bed, 2-bath bungalow style single family rental. The renovation of this investment property was executed by Direct Source Wealth LLC, a residential and commercial real estate investing company that provides a direct source into wholly-owned or passive real-estate-backed investments, and overseen by management company Shelton Cook, a full-service property management and leasing company.

The two teams had their work cut out for them with this renovation as it was a major overhaul. Before rehabbing, the property was in an entirely distressed status.

Before rehabbing, the property was in an entirely distressed status.

Waste was filled in most rooms and left behind by the previous tenants. Carpets and walls were thoroughly stained, and the front yard was littered with trash and abandoned wild shrubs. Overall, this property was in dire need of rehab and tender loving care (TLC).

The scope of the renovation included changing out many facets of the home – ranging from older style wood paneling to damaged flooring and different types of antiquated lighting. A fresh coat of textured taupe paint was added to all the walls. Flooring saw an upgrade to a plank-style tile to bring light and continuity through the house.

Original counters and cabinets in the kitchen are taking a modern yet classical approach to the renovation and were refurbished. They now feature a white design that brightens the kitchen space and provides a modern look to the room.

The renovation allowed for the charm and character to be retained even though there have been some modern touches added. With some touches to curbside appeals, such as new fencing and a clean-up of the front yard landscape, this property is ready to be made into a happy home.

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