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From Damaged to Pristine, Complete Restoration of a Small Multifamily Property

This week’s property spotlight showcases the incredible restoration and renovation of this heavily damaged small multi-unit property. The rehabbing of this property was executed by Direct Source Wealth LLC, a residential and commercial real estate investing company that provides a direct source into wholly-owned or passive real-estate-backed investments that create substantial returns.This property was heavily damaged and stripped of all wiring and plumbing. The ceiling and walls were visibly torn. Renovation included the restoration of nearly every essential component.

The kitchens now feature marbled countertops and brand new kitchen appliances. The flooring of the units now features carpeted common areas and tile flooring in the kitchen and hallways. Seeing the high levels of distress in the neighborhood and the abandonment of the units, Direct Source Wealth actively restored this property to make a positive impact in the community.

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