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Single Family Rental Loans

Single Family Rental Loan Lender

Our single rental property loans are for real estate investors looking to gain more flexibility than traditional investment loans. Our streamlined process means you can close your loan quickly and without hassle. Lock in fixed-rate financing on a single rental property for 30 years.

For single family rental financing, single-family portfolio loans are an option to look into. With these types of loans, you can typically borrow up to 80% of the property’s after-repair value or purchase price. As with any loan, terms and conditions will vary based on the lender you work with. However, single-family portfolio loans tend to have higher interest rates than other types of financing. Additionally, they may require a larger down payment and have stricter eligibility requirements. However, single-family portfolio loans can be a good option for single-family rental financing.

CoreVest actively lends the single family rental loan product for rental properties throughout the USA.

Our SFR Loans Are Custom Built for Real Estate Investors

Whether you buy and hold or fix and flip, CoreVest has the capital for your investment needs

Rental Portfolio Loan

Rental Loans

  • 5-500+ properties

  • Single-family, condo, townhome, multifamily properties

  • 5, 7, 10 year terms

  • Up to 75% of value

  • $500K – $100M+
Bridge Loans

Bridge Loans

  • Fix and flip or rental aggregation

  • Single-family, condo, townhome, multifamily properties

  • 18-24 month terms

  • Up to 80% of cost

  • $200K – $50M

The Real Estate Investor Guide to Single-Family Rental Loans in 2022

Many real estate investors find the single family rental loan a little harder. Despite the time required to pay off the rent of an asset, the loan can be obtained with a surprising amount of mortgages. This article will explain where to look for rental property loans and how it makes sense for you to take out the rental loan. What is important is the information that comes out of it.

As a real estate investor, you’re always looking for new opportunities to grow your portfolio. And with the current state of the housing market, single-family rental properties are looking more and more attractive. But what about financing? Is it still possible to get single-family rental loans in 2022?

The good news is that, yes, single-family rental loans are still available. Many lenders are now offering single-family portfolio loans designed specifically for investors with multiple rental properties. These loans can offer competitive rates and terms, making them attractive for financing your single-family rental properties.

Of course, you’ll still need to meet some eligibility requirements to qualify for a loan. But if you have a good credit history and a solid financial plan for your rentals, you should be able to find a loan that meets your needs. So if you’re thinking about investing in single-family rentals, don’t let financing concerns hold you back—there are still plenty of options available.

What is an SFR loan?

SFR loans, or single family rental financing, is a type of loan that is used to purchase or refinance single family rental properties. SFR loans are typically portfolio loans, meaning they are not sold to Freddie Mac or Fannie Mae. As a result, SFR loans often have higher interest rates and down payment requirements than traditional home loans. However, SFR loans can be a good option for investors who are seeking financing for single family rental properties.

How do I qualify for a single family rental loan?

The SFR loan application procedure is the same as the mortgage for your primary residences. Although rental houses are intended for investment and are not owned by the owner, lenders consider the loan on the rental home to be a bit higher risk. In some cases, banks understand the risks if the economy begins deteriorating, rents decrease, or the investor is allowed off the property. Below is a list of some of the requirements when applying for an apartment or condo loan.

Tell me the difference between SFR loans and Primary Home Loans?

Loans for single-family homes come in two main varieties: SFR loans and primary home loans. SFR loans, also known as single-family rental financing, are designed specifically for investment properties rented out to tenants. In contrast, primary home loans are meant for owner-occupied residences.

As a result, SFR loans typically have higher interest rates and stricter eligibility requirements than primary home loans. However, they can also offer opportunities for investors to obtain financing for properties that might not qualify for a traditional mortgage. When considering which type of loan is right for you, it’s important to weigh the pros and cons of each option to make the best decision for your unique situation.

What is single family rental securitization?

Single-family rental securitization is the process of packaging single-family rental financing into bonds that are then sold to investors. This securitization allows lenders to offer single-family portfolio loans without keeping the loans on their books. Instead, the loans are sold to investors who then assume the risk of default. Single-family rental securitization has become increasingly popular as more investors have shown an interest in this asset class. The benefits of single-family rental securitization include increased liquidity and a potential for higher returns. However, there are also some risks associated with this type of financings, such as higher interest rates and a greater chance of default. CoreVest Finance is a California finance lender that can help with your next single family rental loan.

What is the smallest down payment on a rental property?

The single family rental market has grown significantly, and financing options have followed suit for real estate investors. There are now a variety of single-family portfolio loans available, each with its minimum down payment requirement. The smallest down payment on a single-family rental property is typically 20%, although some private lenders may require a larger down payment for investment properties. For real estate investors who don’t have the cash on hand to make a large down payment, single-family rental financing options allow for a smaller initial investment. As the single-family rental market continues to grow, so will the number of financing options available to prospective investors.

Who is the largest owner of single-family rentals?

According to a recent report, the largest owner of single-family rentals is not a single company or individual but rather a consortium of private equity firms. This group of firms has been increasingly active in the single-family rental market, providing financing for portfolio loans and single-family rental properties in recent years. As the report notes, this trend is likely to continue as the number of single-family rentals grows. This increase is driven by various factors, including the rise of the gig economy and the increasing number of millennials choosing to rent instead of own. The result is a growing demand for single-family rentals met by a consortium of private lenders.

Single Family Rental Financing - Frequently Asked Questions

What Property Types does CoreVest Finance lend on for investment properties?
We lend on single family homes, condos, townhouses, 1-4 unit residences and small multi-family assets.

What are CoreVest Finance’s Fix & Flip Rates for?
CoreVest Finance has interest rates starting at 8% for investment property rental loans. Rates vary due to investor’s past history and experience. For current rates, give us a call.

Does CoreVest finance rehab expenses and ground up construction?
We finance certain rehab expenses under our Fix and Flip Bridge Loans. We also offer Ground Up Construction loans to qualified investors.

What is the minimum number of rental properties needed for a Rental Portfolio Loan?
For our Rental Portfolio Loan, we require a minimum of 5 properties. We also offer a single asset rental loan on individual properties.

What is the minimum/maximum loan amount for fix and flip loans?
CoreVest Finance rental loans vary from $95k – $5 Million.

What is my turnaround time for an application?
We usually respond back to potential borrowers with a term sheet between 2-7 days.

How long will it take my Loan to close?
Our Single Asset Bridge loans typically close within 10 days. Most of our Rental Loans close within 4-6 weeks.

Single Family Rental Loan Rates from CoreVest Finance
Types of Properties Single family homes, Condos, Townhouses, 1-4 unit residences, Small multi-family assets
Loan Amount $95k to $5 million
LTV Starts at 80%
Interest Rates Starts at 8%
Minimum Qualifications / Documentation Credit score: at least 620, Borrower must be a business entity, Call for more details
Other Financing Available Rental Portfolio Loan, Single Asset Rental Loan, Bridge Loans, Fix and Flip Credit Line, Rental Aggregation Line, Single Asset Bridge Loan
*Exceptions may be granted due to borrower history and experience. Call for details.

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