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Spooky Lenders

Beware of These Spine-Chilling Lenders

While the following is a Halloween parody, we have heard lender stories from borrowers that make us cringe.


Hannibal Lender

Beware of the ones that play with your mind.
“Quid pro quo. I tell you things, you tell me things. Not about this case, though. About yourself. Quid pro quo. Yes or no?”


Chucky's Friendly Loans

Some are such dolls, until you get to know them.
“Hi, I’m Chucky, and I’m your friend to the end. Hidey-ho. Ha-ha-ha… Andy remember, friends stick together till the end.


Elvira Financial Services

Some like to deceive you with their tall tales.
“The people of this village say that this castle is evil. Aw, who listens to the Village People anymore?”


JAWS Capital

Beyond the name, loan sharks lurk in every game.
“Well, this is not a boat accident! …and it wasn’t any coral reef; and it wasn’t Jack the Ripper! It was a shark.


The Lending Ring

Beware of the viral ones and their endless loops.
“World is spinning. When it stops, it’s just beginning. Sun comes up, we all laugh. Sun goes down…”


Screaming One Capital

So shocking, some will make your mouth drop.
“Sid, don’t you blame the movies. Movies don’t create psychos, movies make psychos more creative.”


The Exorcist Loans

Some are overzealous, others are just possessed.
“Now I want you to tell me that you know for a fact that there’s nothing wrong with my daughter except her mind.”


Jason The Lender

Some will never give up or go away. Never. Ever.
“I try to block out the sound with my hands only it doesn’t work, the sound keeps getting louder and louder.”


Pennywise Lending

Beware of those who prey and their tricky ways.
“Where you going, Eds? Come join the clown, Eds. You’ll float down here. We all float down here. Yes, we do!”


Kreuger Capital

Some handshakes can be your worst nightmares.
“Whatever you do, don’t fall asleep….This is just a dream, this isn’t real. This is just a dream, he isn’t real…”


Together We Grow

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