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Three-Story Townhouse Brought Back to Life

Situated in the center of Lehigh Valley, this Rocking Renovation showcases the complete makeover of a 4-bed, 2-bath, three-story townhouse in Bethlehem City, PA. The renovation was completed by Wilkerson Property Group LLC, who focuses on buying distressed residential properties in NJ, PA and CT with the intention of bringing properties back to life, providing buyers a home with quality renovations and maximizing returns on each asset. The investors are repeat borrowers of CoreVest Finance and have a mission to partner with local vendors and contractors to support surrounding communities.

Prior to the transformation, the property was in a completely distressed state with boarded up windows and missing tile and flooring in many parts of the house. The garage and back area of the property were unreachable as the ground had been upheaved and the garage boarded up with wood. Holes could be found in the ceiling and the walls were painted over with random colors. It felt unsafe, uncouth and chaotic. During the renovation, the investors were looking to resolve these issues while applying a clean, modern look and feel to the asset. They were able to do so through cosmetic updates throughout the home. They were even able to salvage the hardwood floors which were sanded down and re-stained for the renovation.

The interior saw a handful of upgrades, including new granite countertops and new appliances in both the kitchen and bathroom. The downstairs bathroom, which was only a tub and a few tiles, now sports brand new flooring and an added vanity. The unreachable back garage was updated in full with a complete rebuild of the back-exterior wall and repaving of the damaged driveway which now features light landscaping along the sides. Although the property does not have a front yard, there was some major changes to the exterior which aided in the modernization of the property and now flaunts clean walls and a freshly painted porch. After the renovation, the property was listed and immediately received an offer within the first week. It has since been sold and is now home to a happy family in Bethlehem City, PA.

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