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CoreVest Finances Build to Rent Properties for the First Moon Colony in 2025

IRVINE, CA, New York, NY and Area 51, Nevada – April 1, 2019

CoreVest, the leading lender to residential real estate investors, has announced a future partnership with Lunar Homes, LLC to finance the company’s build-to-rent properties in quadrant 4-1 of the Moon, where the first colony is slated to be housed as early as April 1, 2025.

This extraterrestrial rental home project has been buoyed by recent advancements from aerospace companies such as SpaceX, Northrop Grumman and Lockheed Martin in conducting interplanetary spaceflight and by the moon landings from an increasing number of countries, including China’s Chang’e 4 which made history with the first ever soft landing on the far side of the Moon.

“Today, CoreVest Finance is the leading lender in the residential real estate investment space,” said Beth O’Brien, Founder and CEO. “We want to ensure that; tomorrow, we are the leading investment lender in space period.”

Under the partnership, CoreVest will provide a one-stop financing solution, entitled Build-to-Rent Galactic Complete, that not only funds the construction phase but also provides long-term financing once the project has been stabilized and rented.

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“As an innovative private lender, we used to invite real estate investors to think outside the bank,” shared Ryan McBride, COO. “That has become quite cliché. We now challenge investors to think outside the planet like Lunar Homes has done. It’s one small step for investors, one giant leap for investment financing.”

CFO Christopher Hoeffel adds, “We’re proud of our track record these past five years having financed more than 30,000 investment properties and closing $5 billion in loans across 46 states. This trillion-dollar project, however, is completely out of this world. It elevates us instantly to infinity and beyond.”

“It’s stellar in every way – higher, further, faster!” exclaimed Captain Marvel. “I look forward to visiting soon.”

Disclaimer: While it is true that we are the leading lender in the residential real estate investment space, and that we do provide full-cycle investment loan programs such as Build-to-Rent Complete, this April Fool’s Day post has been entirely a parody and we would like to thank you for reading it with a grain of salt. Look for other equally exciting but truly factual announcements coming from CoreVest shortly. Have a great week!

About CoreVest
CoreVest is the leading lender to residential real estate investors, nationwide. We offer long-term loans for stabilized rental properties as well as short-term bridge loans and investment credit lines. With over $5 billion in closed loans and 30,000 properties financed, CoreVest offers attractive rates, rapid timelines and closing certainty. We work directly with borrowers, brokers and correspondent partners.

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