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Why Private Lenders Require Delaware SPE LLCs

By Sean Sutton Private money, a term often used for non-bank, non-agency loans, is one of the many ways for real estate investors to leverage and grow their residential investment portfolios. Investors who have never considered a loan from a private money lender usually have questions regarding the differences between…

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Improving Cashflow on Rental Portfolios

By Brandon Sarhad For rental investors who have begun to accumulate properties, improving cash flow and consolidating the potential debt for those assets into rental portfolio loans can be the next step in maximizing the growth of their real estate investments. Before moving into such an endeavor, it is essential…

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Winning at Out of State Real Estate Investing

Out Of State Real Estate Investing Tips

By Jack Jerue Purchasing an investment property isn’t a simple process as most investors would like. When the property is outside of one’s local market, the challenges often increase. However, despite these obstacles, real estate investors shouldn’t limit their search to just one market. It is generally helpful to study…

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Cap Rates: What They Are and What They’re Not

By Trevor Hanson What are Cap Rates? The capitalization rate, commonly referred to as “cap rate”, is most powerfully—an estimator of an investor’s potential return on their real estate investment. Mathematically, the cap rate is a data point, expressed as a percentage, that divides an investment property’s net operating income…

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