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The Housing Puzzle: Putting the Pieces Together

By Fred Matera, CIO, Redwood Trust A lack of affordability will lead to near-term weakness, but a severe shortage provides a strong foundation for investors. More new households will choose to rent as the market is creating an increasing array of living alternatives, and more renters will stay renters for…

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Calculating Returns on Rental Property

By Jack Jerue One of the most appealing aspects of real estate investing is the potential for long-term “passive” income. Many successful real estate investors have used rental property cash flow to amass their wealth. Although simple in concept, it is important to understand the fundamental drivers of rental property…

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3 Key Benefits of Multifamily Refinancing

By Rachel Adams Despite the turbulent pandemic and now wartime economy, the multifamily market has continued to grow and remain resilient. For this reason and more, it has established itself as a reliable and appealing asset in which to invest or reinvest. Multifamily real estate investors who intend to hold…

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How Real Estate Investors Navigate a Spooky Market

With Halloween around the corner, some investors are reflecting upon one of the kookiest and spookiest real estate seasons ever. These two years have presented many challenges for residential real estate investors, from depleting inventory to increased bidding wars. Depending on their investment strategy, investors have faced unique challenges. Let’s…

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