CoreVest Senior Vice President Leah Goldmintz Wins Elite Women Award

For the seventh year, Mortgage Professional America (MPA) hosted the Elite Women Awards, a prestigious accolade that commemorates the determined spirit and unwavering commitment of women leaders in the mortgage industry. Aimed at lauding the industry’s shapers and changemakers, the award targeted women who have transcended boundaries to induce positive transformation in the sector. MPA’s selection process involved soliciting nominations from mortgage professionals all over the nation, thereby acknowledging the myriad contributions of women in all roles within the industry that have an influential impact.

The nomination and selection processes were robust and meticulous. The nominees for the awards were required to be in roles that substantially contributed to the mortgage industry and displayed a passion for their work. A key component of the nomination involved detailing the nominee’s standout professional achievements over the past year, along with their innovative initiatives and contributions to the industry. The MPA team then meticulously reviewed these submissions, taking into account the testimonials of managers and senior industry professionals and the candidates’ impact on the industry. After careful consideration, the roster is refined to the final 50 winners, who were bestowed with the esteemed title of ‘Elite Women’ for their vision, passion, and accomplishments.

What distinguishes the Elite Women Awards is its purpose to magnify the voice of women in the mortgage industry. The award embraces diversity and inclusion, embodying the varied voices in the mortgage industry and celebrating the contributions of all professionals. The award doesn’t merely recognize the achievements of women; it offers them a remarkable growth path, helping them bolster their professional profiles. Winners earn a feature on MPA online and gain exclusive promotional opportunities to augment their accomplishments across various marketing channels.

Congratulations to Leah Goldmintz, Senior Vice President at CoreVest, on winning the Elite Women Award for 2023. Your relentless dedication, innovative approach, and visionary leadership have truly affected positive change within CoreVest and the mortgage industry at large. This significant recognition is a testament to your unwavering determination and remarkable contributions. Your embodiment of the Elite Women Award is an inspiration for many future women leaders in the mortgage industry. Keep shining, Leah, and continue to make a difference with your extraordinary work.

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