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6 Takeaways from IMN Single Family Rental Forum

This week, CoreVest returned to Miami Beach for IMN’s 10th Annual Single Family Rental (SFR) Forum East at the Loews Hotel. As we have witnessed from the very first forum, the investment property market has continued to grow at a rapid pace. SFRs are currently estimated to compose $3.4 trillion in value, with rents and occupancy rates also at all-time highs. This SFR forum provided a great opportunity for industry leaders to come together and discuss current market conditions and the future of SFR.

After three days of speaking with the leading minds in the space and interacting with hundreds of active real estate investors and industry professionals from across the nation, the CoreVest team gathered the following 6 quick takeaways:

1. Many attendees agreed upon the likelihood of interest rates rising deep into 2023; however, with occupancy at an all-time high, investors remained optimistic about continued success in the SFR space.

2. There is continued bullish sentiment surrounding Build for Rent (BFR) projects due to rising interest rates leading buyers to lean towards BFR communities as an alternative.

3. A major concern among industry experts remains to be the supply chain issues that continue to delay new construction projects and deliveries.

4. There was much discussion regarding how rent restrictions in certain cities will affect the SFR market going forward into 2023.

5. Artificial intelligence (AI) is becoming increasingly relevant in the industry, as property management and rental data firms utilize this technology to research, purchase and renovate SFRs at scale.

6. Conversations throughout the conference, from the exhibit halls to the cocktail bar, indicated an increasing demand for bridge loans. This is due, in part, to this product’s lack of hefty prepayment penalties.

We hope you enjoyed our quick takes from Miami! We’d like to thank IMN for hosting yet another well-attended SFR Forum, as well as the following members of the CoreVest team for their insight from the event: Beth O’Brien, Brad Chmura, Micaela Lumpkin, Joakim Mortensen, Boris Zhuravel, Marc Heenan, Michelle Suiter, Rachel Adams, Brandon Turk, John McDermott and Kayleigh Peterson.




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