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Best and Worst Markets for Single-Family Rental Investments

The volatility of the stock market in 2016 has left some people looking for an alternative investment strategy, including real estate. A new report from HomeUnion, looks at the best and worst markets for Single Family Rentals (SFRs).

HomeUnion researched the markets with the highest and lowest capitalization rate. (The capitalization rate is the percentage of return from an investment when you divide the Net Operating Income (NOI) by the price an investor will pay for the property.)

The most favorable markets were: Memphis, TN (7.3%); Oklahoma City, OK (6.9%); Pittsburgh, PA (6.4%); Cincinnati, OH (6.4%) and Houston, TX (6.1%). The Bay Area – San Francisco and San Jose – both at 2.7% – topped the least attractive markets followed closely by Orange County and Los Angeles in Southern California.

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