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What is a Contemporary Home?

Looking for a contemporary home that combines style with functionality? Discover "Contemporary Home", an innovative solution that maximizes space, focuses on clean lines, and blends modern design with practicality. Experience luxurious and practical living at its finest.
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Multifamily Refinance : Unlocking Opportunities for Success

Are you a real estate investor looking for ways to grow your multifamily investment by refinancing your multifamily property or portfolio or increase the value of your current multifamily property? Refinancing could be the answer you're looking for. Refinancing a multifamily property can provide numerous benefits, such as lowering interest…

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What Rental Expenses Can I Deduct?

As a landlord, you may be familiar with the many expenses that come with owning rental property. Some of these include repairs and maintenance costs, insurance, utilities such as electricity and water bills, and mortgage payments. There are also tax deductions for landlords to consider when filing taxes each year.…

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What Is a Good Expense Ratio for a Rental Property?

As a real estate investor, you're probably wondering: What is a good expense ratio for a rental property? A good expense ratio can vary depending on the location of the property. A magic number of around 30% is probably what you're looking for. This is just one component in rental…

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