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Five Good Reasons to Use a Property Management Company

by Renters Warehouse

Property management can be a tricky business. While you may be someone who understands Rent Estate™ (meaning that you own and rent one or more properties), handling all the functions required to rent your property out effectively requires the expertise and know-how of an experienced professional. It’s essential you have someone on your side to help with the day-to-day management and operations in order to be successful. The low monthly fees charged by a property manager are well worth it if they save you from all of the possible headaches you may incur along the way.

Here are five good reasons for hiring a property manager:

1. They’re Knowledgeable About Property Laws

With just about any business transaction you need to have knowledge of the laws. As we know, the legalese around real estate is constantly changing and hard to keep up with. An experienced property manager is familiar with all the laws that come with renting out a property, and can help with this complicated procedure.

2. They Can Find Good Tenants

The property manager will screen potential tenants by checking criminal backgrounds, financial ability, and past tenant references while following the rules for fair housing. This process is traditionally time-consuming and complicated for the property owner. The property manager has a professional process for making sure the best tenant is selected and you can easily offload this tedious aspect of management for them to handle. Another bonus is that once you have a top-quality tenant in place, you can easily rely on them sticking around for a long time.

3. They’re Experts in the Local Market

Property managers know the best price to offer your property. They have the expertise, and know the local market to get the best price possible. If you try to do this yourself, it could take forever to find a reliable tenant. Leave the number-crunching to the experts who already have this information at their fingertips. Prevent any costly mistakes and rely on those with the inside track on this information.

4. They are Pros at Timely Rent Collection

They have the ability to make sure the rent is collected in a timely manner, saving you from constant worry. Cut through the red tape and tedious paperwork. Know that you can count on a regular revenue stream. You want to be successful in renting your property, and professional property managers have proven rent collecting techniques.

5. They Protect You From Late Night Maintenance Calls

With a property management company in place, you never have to worry about late night calls, because they handle them for you. If something breaks, the tenant will tend to call you immediately to have it resolved- no matter what the alarm clock says. A property manager will prevent this from happening and shield you from having to take care of that leaky faucet or broken toilet.

A solid and experienced property management company can help with all the complexities of renting out your property. Take your time to vet candidates rather than just signing on with the first name you find in the phone book. Read up on what to look for in a professional property management company and know that you’re making the right decision towards gaining additional freedom in your life.

This is a guest post from Renters Warehouse, America’s leading property management professionals who are ready to help you lease and manage your rental property. Transform your home from real estate to Rent Estate™ with Renters Warehouse’s residential property managers.

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