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A Nightmare on Renovation Street

It’s Halloween night – a time when imagery and imagination overtakes our senses. The following stories provide a fun, but purely fictional account of what may have taken place at these hauntingly distressed properties before renovation.

House 1: The Monster from the Attic

As you walk inside, you can feel the goose bumps and hair follicles rising underneath your skin. You know something is not right – as though you were being watched from above. When you reach the kitchen, all your fears are intensified. You scream in horror as you see a huge hole in the ceiling the size of a bull’s head. You peer into its darkness. Surely, only a monster in the attic could have punctured such a hole.

Perhaps, during his last escape, he roamed the house in search of blood or food and landed in the kitchen. You scream again when you see that he also punctured a hole in the living room and tried terrorizing the property by destroying the flooring. Before escaping, he created more holes on the ceiling and ripped away the bathroom shower door. Luckily, you brought monster repellent and sprayed it all over your body. Hopefully, the investors used even stronger repellent when they masterfully renovated this home.

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 House 2: The Shining (On the door)

Although the ghost is only visible in one of the images (can you find which one?), the destruction he caused is visible throughout the entire property. Much of the damage caused can be seen in the bathroom and kitchen, where the supernatural spirit did mischievous deeds such as ripping out the shower and throwing all the tools around the bathroom.

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In the kitchen, we see the extent of the damage inside and out where the ghost had managed to block the window. Investors eventually studied the poltergeist and realized that he was particularly angry with the way the garden was being cared for. It threw a tantrum and finally blocked its own view of the garden. After extensive renovation and subsequent clean-up of the landscape, the ghost turned from mischievous to friendly and now helps keep the lawn healthy.

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House 3: The Rocky Hoarder Picture Show

Legend tells us that there was once a man who was cursed by Rocky and his attempt to recreate the Medusa Transducer. Unfortunately, the effects of the curse caused the man to become obsessed with collecting and keeping all the items he acquired. Soon, the piles began to turn into mountains and the curse continued to amplify. The man’s library and living room, once filled with light and books, now had endless piles of trash and dark clutter.

From old DHS movies to worn out cassette tapes, the items were buried upon one another. The mess in the kitchen even began to attract wildlife. Their markings can be seen in the back of counters and the kitchen floors. Lost in time and space, the man and his house began to rot away. However, on one moonlit night, his fortunes were reversed. Stumbling, he knocked over an ancient lava lamp and consequently broke the spell that had plagued him through the years. A magician later purchased the home as an investment property and was able to harness all the power and artifacts that the house possessed.

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House 4: Abnormal or Paranormal?

Paranormal activity is extremely difficult to capture with photos. Nevertheless, the damage caused by some sort of spirit or evil can surely be seen in these pre-renovation pictures. Trashed and damaged, the haunting of this home happened to the tenants in broad daylight. At first, they simply brushed it off as slightly abnormal. Caught in the middle of laundry and cooking, for example, the tenants would run from one room to another to find the lights mysteriously go out and the appliances dangerously malfunctioning.

They invited their friends and family to come over, but none of them could help them stop the problem. The offenses became more and more flagrant. They finally decided that they had enough and decided to hire a spirit communicator. She told them that there was indeed a spirit and that it was deeply troubled by the décor and layout of the property. Its goal was to drive the tenants out so that a new buyer would enter and invest the time and money to make changes to the house. Fortunately for the spirit, the tenants sold the property to the type of investors that it had been waiting for.

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